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Our main activity was Exploration & Logistical Support to the Mining Companies in the Katanga Province. In this field, we introduced Argosy Minerals from Australia in 2007-2009. Argosy was interested in Cu/Co minerals in the Katanga. 

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Etalon Mining Corporation Sprl is a registered company under Private Company Law of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Its Head Office is currently situated at No 826 Mama Yemo Avenue, Batiment Hypnose Local no 11. 

Our main activity was Exploration & Logistical Support to the Mining Companies in the Katanga Province. In this field, we introduced Argosy Minerals from Australia in 2007-2009. Argosy was interested by Cu/Co minerals in the Katanga. But after more than a year of exploration in private mining properties, they left by lack of sizable reserves discovered. In 2008-2011, Etalon brought in the Katanga Province the Brazilian Giant CVRD today known as VALE. This company spent more than 3 Million US Dollar in various explorations logistical operations. They had to leave almost at the same time as BHP Billiton due to reserves not at their level as majors. VALE was looking for a probable production of +-100,000MT of Cu/Co yearly in Congo. They could not get that. On thing that Etalon will boast of in the cooperation with Vale, we managed to send 4 of our young geologists for a 6 months training in Brazil. We had a workforce of more than 35 people working with Vale during their timer they spent in DR Congo. 

Considering all the above and seeing that Vale & BHP arrived a bit late in the Congo, many significant projects and properties were already taken. Gecamines had already signed up many partnerships there were almost nothing left. Etalon decided to change the strategy; from Exploration and Logistical Support entity, we became suppliers of consumables and mining equipment to mining companies and other businesses. This was made possible by the help of Etalon Freight & Services cc our logistic arm established in Johannesburg/RSA since 2000. Now, Etalon has positioned itself as one of the key players in the field of mining supplies, import export and freight forwarding. Some of our satisfied customers are EGMF, FONDAF, Minequip, Congo Energy, Congo Steel Mills, Eastern Drilling, Hakuna Matata, Habari Kani, Muzuri Sana, BIA, Rare Congo and many more. 

But this was not convincing enough for Team Etalon. We wanted to play more roles in the development of the mining industry and surrounding communities in Congo. We then decided to specialize in CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY as we believe that ‘’nothing can be compared to the human capital for any Organization or country’’. In order to achieve this goal, we looked at different communities surrounding mining activities and identified innumerable problems in the area of social upliftment. Populations around the mines are poverty stricken, something has to be done in order to remediate to this situation was our conclusion. It’s never too late to do something good to the people. 

But one set back that we encountered was that mining per se, is primarily a commercial and industrial activity. This means that mining houses are here to invest in order to make profit out of their investments. Corporate Social Responsibility comes like a burden for them. Having realized that, Etalon came up with a holistic idea of getting its goods from a reputed low-cost origin without scarifying the environment and efficiency and modernism. That’s why we established a good business relationship with reputable South African and Chinese companies specialized in RENEWABLE ENERGY, LOW COST HOUSING,WATER AND SANITATION, RECYCLING, POVERTY ALLEVIATION SCHEMES, RURAL SCHOOLS AND CLINICS, WASTE MANAGEMENT, MINING TOILETS AND SHOWERS and so on and so forth. 

Our Low-Cost Housing, Schools, Clinics and Sanitation are designed and implemented as Alternative Building Technologies (ABTs). These technologies are the only answer to the growing problem of overstretched, overworked, underfunded mining social responsibility budgets. Reputed to be more affordable, quicker and easier to install and maintain, they employ low skilled workforce. These technologies provide the answer to the problem of under capacitated personnel designated to carry out this kind of tasks for the mining personnel and their families, surrounding populations, even the municipalities can benefit a lot from them when addressing the issue of shortage of housing for the people. 

Etalon and its partners can design, build and deploy to the mines totally OFF GRID villages with houses, schools and clinics known as Building Integrated PV (BIPV). From street lights, home power systems, cold rooms, WHO approved solar vaccine and medicine fridges, water purification, sewage…we can provide solutions with low total cost of ownership. 

Similar projects have been undertaken in Africa and elsewhere in the world aided by Chinese government our partners provided solar power to AU Headquarters in Ethiopia, South & North Sudan, Zambia, Kazakhstan, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Sri Lanka and Rwanda and many more. Solar Street lights project have been conducted in Nigeria, South Sudan and School project were successfully delivered in Tanzania and Malawi. The last not the least Zambia saw the implementation of Solar Mills and Food Processing projects in rural areas. 

Brief, besides mining supplies and consumables, supply chain and logistical support from South Africa, Etalon Mining Corporation Sprl has the following to offer: